When addiction sets in, several factors will trigger the craving.


Why Knowing how to stop smoking is Important

Smoking poses health threats

It is not new to us because the information is all over the world that smoking can pose a significant threat to our physical health. There have been many cases of smoking-related diseases and deaths that were recorded and documented over the years. This is the reason why the urgency to stop smoking becomes a worldwide campaign.

Many countries have legally responded to how to stop smoking
problems by prohibiting smoking in public places and other designated areas. Therefore smoking is clearly detrimental to our health and can cause death.

Smoking is Highly Addictive

When a person starts to smoke and continuously do it, the action becomes a habit, and that particular habit leads to addiction.

• The smell of the product
• The memory of the product’s taste
• When the product is talked about
• When one sees the product
• When one thinks about the product

Because addiction is difficult to overcome you have to know how to stop smoking more effectively. Several experts have found a way to effectively and gradually overcome smoking addiction.

So how do you stop smoking?

Over the years, several methods and ways have been developed to stop smoking. Others work fast while others require time to experience the full effect. So if you want to quit smoking, let us start with these simple methods.

• Develop self-discipline – addiction can be controlled if the person had been practicing self-discipline in many areas. Somehow, a person can abstain from smoking more successfully.
• Develop short-term goals – you can train your mind to develop goals that will help you stop smoking. For example, you can say you will quit smoking for 24 hours, or for a week or month.
• Use alternatives to replace smoking – some use gums while others use substitutes similar to smoking yet they are nicotine free.